Gartner's IaaS Magic Quadrant: a who's who of cloud market

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Joyent is an independent cloud provider and maker of the SmartOS operating system, which provides what Gartner calls a "holistic" approach to infrastructure, combining elements of compute, networking and storage into one cloud-delivered stack. With this converged infrastructure approach, Joyent targets high-performance apps to run on its cloud.

The offering is targeted, Gartner says, at developers and specifically for native cloud applications where there's an emphasis on performance and visibility. The company has seen a particular following in the mobile space, especially in its Global Compute Network, a cloud federation model with other cloud partner providers. Joyent is aiming for the fences, with its founder, Jason Hoffman, openly saying he's looking to take on the biggest names in the industry, from Amazon to Microsoft and Google. But Gartner warns that Joyent could have an uphill battle in doing so, seeing as those competitors have significantly larger development resources than the still-small Joyent.

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Virtustream - Wants your complex apps

Virtustream is the cloud for complex apps. A small, independent pure-play cloud, with an optional managed hosting service, Virtustream takes a consultation-type approach to selling its service, which makes it optimized for large, complex legacy or cloud-native applications to run in its public or private offering. Virtustream uses VMware, but aims to be hypervisor neutral and will work with customers to implement across a variety of hypervisor platforms. It has strong unified platforms across its data centers and private clouds it sets up on customer sites. It has a number of innovative features as well, including micro-instances of virtual machines that are charged based on resources used, not resources allocated, and application performance APIs. Gartner warns that, like other cloud startups, it could be a subject of acquisition by a bigger brand and says that its consultative approach to sales makes for a lengthy sales cycle.

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