Japanese make car's back seat 'disappear'

Camouflage tech makes interior transparent for better rear view

I've seen a lot of new cars that have cameras in the rear bumper with a monitor near the dashboard so drivers can see behind them better, but the Japanese have a different idea.


As seen in this video by DigInfo News, the cameras create a view of the back of the car that is projected behind the driver, so when they look back it appears as if the back seat is invisible. The benefit of this over the other monitor systems, according to the researchers, is that it gives the driver a better sense of depth of what's behind them. Watch the video to learn more.

I'm still not sure whether this tech is better than the ones that don't require the driver to behind them, but it's kind of fascinating to think that you could in essence hide from the driver if you were sitting in the back seat.

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