Watch a drunk woman try to use Windows 8

Friends don't let friends drink while using new operating systems

This video is awesome (and a bit NSFW for language). Three Sheets Market Research, which conducts web usability studies with people who have been drinking (now that's a business plan, people), has posted a video showing a new (and inebriated) user of Windows 8.


Meet Jennifer, a 40-year-old mother of 2, who "is an active consumer of PCs, software and alcohol." After drinking several rounds of tequila shots, can Jennifer figure out the new interface?

To be fair, I've tried Windows 8 stone-cold sober and can't figure out a lot of things. I think Jennifer has it right, too - drink before you use Windows 8. Most people want to start drinking after trying out the new OS.

Special tip hat to Tim Greene for this one!

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