Man shows off his bionic robot arm

Prosthetic arm reminds you of Star Wars, Terminator

Any true-blue science-fiction fan knows that in both the Empire Strikes Back and Terminator 2, robotic prosthetic arms are a big part of these movies. Older fans likely remember "The Six Million Dollar Man" and his bionics.


In another bit of "life imitates the movies", we now see the latest advancement in robotic arms - courtesy of Nigel Ackland, a 53-year-old man who lost his hand in an accident six years ago. Ackland shows off his bebionic3 myoelectric hand (made from aluminum and alloy), which can do things like peel vegetables and type on a computer keyboard, among other things.

As long as Ackland doesn't need other arms, legs or an eye that shoots laser beams, I think we're safe for a while. This is where robotics are helping humans. Yay!

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