Cameras recognize gender, age via faces for sales purposes

Japanese technology tracks repeat customers for sales strategies

Facial recognition technologies have been used for years to help law enforcement authorities track down suspected criminal activity - now the same technology is being used by retailers to help sell you more stuff.

Check out this video from DigInfo News, in which NEC is showing off its technology that can estimate a customer's gender, age and how often they visit a store via facial recognition.

Basically, if a store can determine that people of similar genders or age are in a store at a specific time, they could aim their sales to appeal to those demographics during those time periods. I suppose if a system could see that a repeat customer was in a store, they could lead a sales person to go after that customer versus someone who's in a store for the first time (or vice versa).

Interesting stuff, apart from the Big Brother-ishness of the system.

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