Tablet users more female-y than smartphone users

New survey finds some key differences in the usage of tablets and smartphones; your household usage may differ

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Not that I don't trust the fine work done by the Flurry folks, but I thought, what the heck, I’d do my own survey of tablet and smartphone users in my household (made up of myself, my wife, and our two t(w)eenaged daughters). Here are my findings:

  • Tablet users are also more likely to be female in my house (100%, 1 out of 1) than are smartphone users (50%, 1 out of 2)
  • Smartphone users, however, are older than tablet users in my house, with an average age of 44, versus 13 for our tablet user 
  • Smartphones are more likely to be used during the day than tablets in our house, mainly because our tablet owner is usually in school
  • Smartphones are indeed used more frequently but for shorter periods of time than tablets in my house; the average tablet session in my house lasts until mom or dad orders the tablet user to put it away so homework will get done
  • The number one use for smartphones in my house is to coordinate driving the kids to and from school and extracurricular activities; on the other hand, the number one use for tablets in my house is to watch YouTube videos on how to apply makeup and anything related to Justin Bieber

As you can see, my results differ a bit from Flurry’s, but since the sample size of their study outnumbers mine about 30 million to 4, I’m willing to defer to them.

Not matter how smartphones and tablets are being used, it’s clear that neither is going away anytime soon - unlike, of course, social media, which obviously has no future. That’s my prediction, at least.

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