The Weekly Hash - November 16, 2012

Take your mind off the untimely death of Hostess by reviewing the week’s top tech stories, which should be the only time NASA and Papa John’s are mentioned in the same story

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A Norwegian company has developed a technology that uses ultrasound to let people control Windows 8 PCs by waving their hands. The drawback: you have to first cover your PC in ultrasound gel.

NASA announced on Thursday that a laptop containing unencrypted data on 10,000 employees was stolen last month. Just to be safe, today Buzz Aldrin changed all his passwords to something other than “Apollo11”.

Research in Motion announced this week that it will officially launch its new operating system, BlackBerry 10, on January 30. No word yet on when they’ll apologize for it.

This week a federal judge approved a request for a class action lawsuit against the Papa John’s pizza chain for sending 500,000 unsolicited text messages to customers. Papa John’s doesn’t get it; today they made things worse by texting all 500,000 people an apology.

A German court ruled this week that the parents of a 13 year-old boy aren’t legally responsible for him illegally sharing over 1,000 songs online. However, the court ruled that his parents are still legally responsible for letting him listen to One Direction.

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