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Folio cases: Folio-style cases offer all-over protection for your iPad, but flip open for easy access to the iPad's screen without requiring you to remove the tablet from the case. If you're looking for stylish protection, this is it. A folio case made for the original iPad won't fit the iPad 2 or newer, and vice versa. Folio cases made for the iPad mini will only fit the iPad mini. Recommendations:

Bags: A bag lets you carry your iPad along with your other gear, and you can use it to tote your daily stuff even when you aren't carrying your iPad with you. Bags generally fit all models of the iPad; consider an extra case for your iPad mini for a snug fit. Recommendations:

Carrying packs: Sometimes you want to carry more than just your iPad, but you don't want a bulky bag or backpack. A carrying pack protects your iPad but also accommodates cables, a charger, and sometimes even a standalone Bluetooth keyboard. Most carrying packs will accommodate all generations of the full-sized iPad; again, look for a pack optimized for the iPad mini if that's the device you're shopping for. Recommendations:

Body films:Body films protect the sides and backside of your iPad from scratches and scuffs(without adding bulk--they're simply a (thin layer of super-protective material that (adheres directly to the iPad. Most types can be removed without leaving behind sticky residue. Some also include a screen film (see the next section). Although the models listed here are for the third- and fourth-generation iPads, each is also available in a version for each of the other iPad models and the iPad mini. Recommendations:

Screen films:Screen films are designed to protect the (iPad's screen from scratches without affecting touchscreen performance; a few also aim to reduce screen glare. Unfortunately, many of these films are difficult to apply, and some actually make glare and fingerprints worse. If you're patient and have a steady hand, these are the best options. Recommendations:

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