PROTECT: Cases for your smartphone or tablet

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Marware EcoVue Kindle Fire cover


If you get a Kindle Fire for the holidays (and after reading our review of it, you really should), the next purchase should be for a good case to protect the device and provide a small stand for viewing any TV shows or movies that you load or download onto the Kindle.

The EcoView cover from Marware does just that - made out of "eco-leather" (Marware says its process utilizes fewer toxins than traditional leather tanning), the case folds to create a horizontal stand for viewing, and inside pockets can store things like cash, a driver's license or credit-cards. A nice elastic strap can hold the device open or closed, and the case allows users to still get to all of the device's ports, speakers and buttons.

Getting the Kindle Fire into the case was quite easy, you don't need to force anything, and it fit quite nicely. Pick this case up (along with the fast power charger), and your Kindle-ized holidays should be complete.

- Keith Shaw

Vega Universal Cell Phone Purse


This product claims to be a case, a purse, or a wallet. It has a large pocket intended for a phone; a thin, clear pocket that would be ideal for an ID; and one other pocket with 2 card slots within it (or one card slot and one cash slot). It comes with two removable straps: one wrist strap, one shoulder strap. Finally, its made out of this pink, windbreaker-type material.

It feels very young to me. It really only has two pockets for cards and one card for cash. Yes, you could double up your cards; but the way I see it, there is room for an ID and a debit card. One could probably also fit a chapstick/lipgloss in the pocket that has the two internal slots.

Its cute, but its not really functional for an older woman and our million cards. At the same, its not fancy enough to use going to a wedding or a club when an older woman is more likely to scale back what she brings with her. I can see it working really well for a college girl though, or any woman who doesnt have all of the clutter of a regular purse or wallet.

Overall, I think its cute, but Im not wowed by it. I do appreciate though that it can be used with a phone type besides an iPhone.

- Jen Finn

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