How to hire, manage and even appreciate millennial IT workers

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"Millennial IT talent needs more constant feedback and validation on their work than preceding generations," says Fitting. More feedback isn't an unreasonable request, but remember to balance that with the fact that your boss likely has more than a few other employees, not to mention tasks of his or her own.

Work-life flexibility includes things like social media at work and the capability to work remotely part or all of the time. Although many would agree that the technology is here and that a more remote workforce is where we are heading, this is not necessarily mainstream thinking.

These types of perks are just that: perks. If these are things you absolutely cannot live without, than do your homework and apply only to companies that support this type of culture.

Final Word to IT Hiring Managers

The bottom line is if you create a company culture that listens to, educates and values your employees' work and contributions you will find it much easier to attract the talent you need regardless of the generation.

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This story, "How to hire, manage and even appreciate millennial IT workers" was originally published by CIO.

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