Drupal: So powerful it's... boring?

Drupal development pays well, but some feel it can also turn you into a click monkey; is it worth it?

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The question then is, what to do? Stay with a technology that makes you lots of money but which isn’t fun or challenging or bail on it and trade off higher pay for more fulfilling work.

Mike has chosen to stick with Drupal; the money is simply too good. I totally get that and wouldn’t blame anyone who made that decision.

For me, though, in general, when I’m not happy with what I’m doing all day, I try to find a way out and move onto something new, even if it pays less. I hate being bored, frustrated or miserable in my day job, no matter how delightful my coworkers or the office coffee.

But, if you’re like Mike and find that moving on or taking a pay cut isn’t the right option, what can you do to at least make your daily life more interesting? I can help with that.

If you’re a developer currently shackled with Drupal’s Golden Handcuffs, here are some suggested ways to make your day more enjoyable

Try doing all that clicking with your non-dominant hand

Use some of that Drupal money to buy a bigger TV and catch up on Honey Boo Boo while clicking around the GUI

Go nuts building stuff from K’Nex construction sets - actually, don’t do that; it’s creepy

Anybody else feeling shackled by Drupal?

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