You too can be the Human Face of Big Data

Project invites Android, iOS users to participate in massive 'global media project'

Did you know that: * Women are 10% less likely to remember their dreams than men? * 80% of college-age men worry about their weight at least some of the time? * Only 8% of women never think about their weight? * Only 13% of middle-aged women think new romance would improve their lives, against 28% of college-age women? * Users of up-to-date Android phones are twice as likely to believe in no life after death or to believe in reincarnation than the general population? These are just some of the live results of a fascinating ongoing project launched by photographer Rick Smolan and his Against All Odds production company (which brought us the "Day in the Life" book series of photographs). Called The Human Face of Big Data, the project solicits users of Google Android and Apple iOS mobile devices around the world to answer 60 questions presented in eight different languages. The goal is to marry social, mobile and big data in a way that helps reveal much about who we are as a species and what we believe. Users of Android and iOS mobile devices can participate by downloading a free app and answering any of 60 different questions. Since the project went live on Sept. 26, more than 2 million questions have been answered by participants as of Thursday afternoon. (Though all have been Android users, since the iOS app is being held up in Apple approval hell. It's expected to be available this week, however.) The project, which is sponsored by EMC, will continue until Nov. 20. You can view live, updated results at the project's "mission control" site. While the project also will collect location and usage data from participants, organizers say it will not collect identifying data, including names or email addresses. Now read this:

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