The Weekly Hash - October 5, 2012

A weekly review of the top tech stories, this week featuring Mars, Marissa Mayer and Microsoft

100412_Mars_Rover_small_0.jpgITworld/Phil Johnson
Curiosity checks-in on Mars

Lots of stuff happened once again in the tech world this week, between picking a name for Marissa Mayer’s new baby, more shenanigans in the Samsung-Apple kerfuffle, and poor old Microsoft trying to stay relevant. But it seemed that the biggest news was about something that will probably happen in two weeks: the iPad Mini announcement. Prepare to smooch your last remaining $349 (or $399 or $499) goodbye, fanboys (and girls).

Important note: this post makes no reference to presidential debates or in any way threatens Big Bird.

Yesterday on Mars, the Curiosity rover checked in at Gale Crater via Foursquare and is one check-in away from becoming the Mayor of Mars. If that happens, the Opportunity rover said it will totally unfriend Curiosity on Facebook. 

A recording of a speech made by Steve Jobs in 1983 was unearthed this week, in which he predicts the iPad and App Store. His predictions weren’t all so prescient; later in the speech he also predicted big things for Kajagoogoo.

Apple will reportedly unveil the new iPad Mini on October 17. Experts that date will leave just enough time for before the holidays for Apple to get whatever remaining money of yours they don’t already have.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and her husband are crowdsourcing the naming of their baby boy, who was born on Sunday. They’re going all out to raise the boy using social media; they’ve also established a Kickstarter campaign for his college education.

This week at the Ceatec exhibit in Japan, Nissan unveiled a self-driving car. It still needs work; on the way back from the exhibit, it got into a road rage incident with Google’s self-driving car.

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