The Weekly Hash - October 5, 2012

A weekly review of the top tech stories, this week featuring Mars, Marissa Mayer and Microsoft

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Facebook announced this week that 1 billion people now use the service each month. So, officially now, one seventh of the population has too much free time.

The U.S. government is funding the development of robotic mules for hauling equipment on battlefields in the future. Engineers say that someday such robots could be used to haul legal files in future Samsung-Apple trials.

There were rumors this week that Microsoft is planning its own phone. In typical Microsoft fashion, though, it’s going to be a rotary phone.

Verizon launched a new cloud service for the healthcare industry on Tuesday that they say is HIPAA compliant. Before being imported into the cloud, thouh, your medical data will have to first wait for 40 minutes alone in its underwear.

This week Samsung claimed juror misconduct and demanded a retrial of its patent infringement suit with Apple. Samsung is really getting desperate; they said if they don’t get a retrial they’ll appeal the case to the highest court in the land: Judge Judy.

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