Marissa Mayer's working delivery

New Yahoo CEO welcomes newest Yahooligan; possibly during coffee break

100412_Mayer_Baby_small_0.jpgITworld/Phil Johnson

OK, I realize that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer giving birth is already old news, but, to be fair, I worked up this cartoon last week to be used in the Weekly Hash, before I called an audible and did one instead on the Curiosity rover using Foursquare. I still wanted to share it so, here you go.

I know that she's not planning to take much time off after the birth, but I just hope she took a little breather from resurrecting Yahoo to enjoy the big moment. There are only a couple such moments in one's life - unless your name is Duggar, in which case you can afford to work through a few of them.

Anyway, allow me to congratulate MM and her hubby again and wish them all the best with their new bundle of joy. Welcome to the wonderful world of parenting! Kids are truly a gift - as my wife has had to frequently remind me over the last 13 years.

P.S. Far as I can tell, the boy still hasn’t been named. Ms Mayer, if you’re still noodling over it, don’t forget my suggestion!

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