Windows 8 ad shows all the things I won't be doing on my computer

Microsoft unveils Windows 8 media campaign with a lot of touching going on

Over the weekend, while I was watching the Seattle Seahawks defeat the New England Patriots in football, I caught the first TV ad for Windows 8.


Here's the ad, which is now on YouTube for other people to comment/troll and criticize.

On the first viewing, I thought they didn't really show much of the devices, but if you re-watch it or slow it down, you begin to notice the variety of devices that Windows 8 will be on. There are notebooks (detachable, too!), tablets and giant desktops that will have Windows 8 on them. Woooo!.

However, there's also a lot of things that I won't likely be doing with Windows 8, and that's the touch/swipe feature. As seen in the commercial, on the giant desktop monitor (I'm assuming that's an all-in-one, but it could just be a touch-enabled monitor), the girl in the image is very, very, very close to the display, because if you're going to use the touch/swipe feature, you can't be sitting back in your chair (unless you suddenly gained Plastic-man's stretchy arm powers). For most of the touch/swipe features to work on Windows 8, users are going to have to be within arm's length of the display, and the last time I checked, I like to sit back when computing.

But who knows? Maybe I'm just the grumpy old man here - or maybe optometrists will really like Windows 8 because they think they'll get more business when people come in needing glasses because they sat too close to the screen. Is that a thing? Or is it just something that we tell our kids when they're too close to the TV?

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