The best Android and iPhone apps of 2012: alphabetical list

Here's the complete list of all 48 selections in our latest roundup of the best apps available for Android handsets and iPhones.

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Lookout Mobile Security (free) Android | iOS

EDITOR'S PICK: Minecraft: Pocket Edition ($7) Android | iOS

mSecure Password Manager ($10) Android | iOS

OneReceipt (free) iOS

1Weather (free) Android

Opera Mini (free) Android | iOS

EDITOR'S PICK: Pocket (free) Android | iOS

Pulse (free) Android | iOS

SayHi Translate ($1) iOS

Schemer (free) Android | iOS

Smart Tools ($2.50) Android

Snapseed ($5) iOS

Sparrow ($3) iOS

SpellTower ($2) iOS

Stitcher (free) Android | iOS

StumbleUpon (free) Android | iOS

Taptu (free) Android | iOS

TripleTown (free) Android | iOS

EDITOR'S PICK: (free) Android | iOS

EDITOR'S PICK: Tweetbot ($3) iOS

Viddy (free) iOS

Waze (free) Android | iOS

EDITOR'S PICK: Zite (free) Android | iOS

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