Download free desktop cleaner for Mac

Download Clean for free from the Mac app store

Here's how you can download Clean for free from the Mac app store. Clean will clean up your desktop automatically.

1. Go to the Clean app page in the Mac app store.

2. Click the Free button.

3. Click the green Install App button.

4. Clean will be installed on your Mac.

Here's the official description and features list:

"Clean your desktop with one click or clean automatically every day.

Why you need Clean:

Take a look at your desktop right now and think -- how many of those files do you actually need?

You could probably remove most of them. But from time to time, there is some useful file on your desktop, which you want to keep.

Clean moves all your files to folder you specify and organizes them by month. So you get a clean desktop every day, but your files are never lost and you can get back to them anytime you want!


* Clean desktop manually

* Start agent and just enjoy nice, cleaned desktop

* Group files into folders by month, or by day

* Setup how often you want your desktop cleaned (every day or every week)"

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