Jailbreak iOS 6 on the iPod Touch

How you can jailbreak your iPod Touch after upgrading to iOS 6

Here's how you can use Cydia to jailbreak your iPod Touch. 1. Be sure your computer is running the latest version of iTunes. 2. Backup your iPod Touch to iTunes. 3. Install iOS 6 on your iPod Touch if you haven't already done so. 4. Download the Mac or Windows versions of Redsn0w 15b1. 5. Unzip the file. 6. Start the redsn0w app. 7. Connect your iPod Touch to your computer. 8. Click the Jailbreak icon in redsn0w. 9. Put your device into DFU mode (see the video).

10. Use the instructions that appear on your screen to install Cydia and jailbreak your iPod Touch. 11. Click on the Just Boot button in redsn0w.

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How to Jailbreak iOS 6 for iPhone 4 & iPod Touch With Cydia | Gotta Be Mobile

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