First Microsoft Surface ad is a sea of clicking and dancing

Windows 8 tablet coming October 26; pricing ranges from $499 to $699

Several sites are reporting that Microsoft's Surface tablet will be available on October 26, and some pricing has emerged. The 32GB Surface will $499 if you don't want its Touch Cover keyboard, and $599 if you do want it. A 64GB version with the Touch Cover will cost $699.


Microsoft has also released this first ad for the Surface,, in which we see a young man reaching for his Surface tablet and the attachable keyboard/cover, and before you know it the clicking of the tablet to the keyboard begins a flash mob-like dance sequence! Woooo! Party fun! Tablets are awesome!

[Pricing details via Boy Genius Report]

If you like your Surface videos without the dancing and clicking, check out this behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Surface:

See? Something for everyone!

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