The Weekly Hash - October 19, 2012

A review of this week's top tech stories, from the space shuttle to Red Lobster

101812_endeavour_small_0.jpgITworld/Phil Johnson
Space shuttle Endeavour's final voyage through the streets of Los Angeles wasn't without problems

Another big week in tech news, highlighted by the space shuttle Endeavour’s 12-mile, 64-hour drive through Los Angeles. In retrospect, taking the 105 was a really bad idea...

On Sunday the space shuttle Endeavour completed its trip through Los Angeles to its new home at the California Science Center. Endeavour’s drive through L.A. was a success; it was only shuttle-jacked three times.

Scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research have begun using a 1.5 petaflop IBM supercomputer to study climate change. Ironically, it runs on leaded fuel.

On Thursday the Consumer Electronics Association recommended calling the next generation of high definition TVs Ultra High Definition. The definition on these new TVs is so high that they almost called them Snoop Dogg High Definition.

Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner broke the speed of sound on Sunday when he jumped from a capsule 24 miles high. It’s been verified as the fastest freefall by anyone other than violentacrez.

A security researcher has found a flaw with certain pacemakers that could allow them to be hacked and commanded to deliver a deadly 830 volt jolt from up to 50 feet away. He said it could have the same effect on an elderly person as eliminating the early bird special at Red Lobster.

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