Watch these retro ads for fake video games from Wreck-It Ralph

Video game movie hits theaters Nov. 2

The upcoming animated film Wreck-It Ralph hits movie theaters on Nov. 2, which tells the tale of a video game "villain" who wants to leave his game to become a "good" character. It's like "Tron" in terms of seeing a virtual world inside the arcade games, but aimed at the kids.


As part of the promotional campaign for the movie, Disney has released three "retro" ads for video games that are featured in the movie - Sugar Rush Speedway, Hero's Duty and Fix It Felix Jr., which will all prominently play in Ralph's adventures through the video game universe. Here are all three ads:

Fix It Felix Jr. is the game in which Wreck-It Ralph appears, the basis for the movie. It reminds me a lot of a mixture of Donkey Kong meets Rampage.

Sugar Rush Speedway reminds me a lot of Mario Kart, of course:

Hero's Duty is a first-person shooter game set in space that should remind you of games like Mass Effect and Halo. But with more jokes about "duty".

I loved the Litwak Arcade ads at the end of each of the segments, including what they would offer you on your birthday depending on which decade the ad was in.

Another cool video I found - Disney actually produced some Fix It Felix Jr. game machines, here's one spotted at this year's Classic Gaming Expo 2012:

The next step, of course, would be for Disney to release downloadable versions of these games via Xbox Live or the PlayStation Store (at least for the '80s game, right?). Of course, with all retro games, you'd probably play it for 10 minutes and be bored.

UPDATE: While not exactly what I was hoping for, Disney has released an iOS app (for iPhones and iPads) that lets you play three of the games from the movie.

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