Advance tickets for The Hobbit on sale Nov. 7

Watch the latest trailer for Bilbo's Middle Earth adventure

The closer we get to a movie's release date, the more we get additional trailers for the movie - some of the footage we've likely seen again, but sometimes they sneak in some additional scenes to whet your whistle.


Such is the case with The Hobbit, which doesn't hit theaters until December 14, but Warner Bros. has released a new TV spot trailer, announcing that advance tickets will be on sale starting November 7. So I guess that's a good time to put out a new trailer. Enjoy, hobbit-heads!

The downside of the additional trailers, of course, is that by the time the movie comes out, it feels like you've seen the entire movie. Sometimes when I'm watching the actual movie, my brain goes, "have I seen that scene from the trailer yet?". But maybe that's just me.

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