Microsoft posts another Surface video ahead of Oct. 26 launch

Look, kids, some additional things you can do with this tablet

Microsoft has posted another video showing off its Surface tablet, which will launch with the rest of Windows 8 on Oct. 26 - Surface is basically becoming the headline act of the launch, quickly overshadowing every other device that will have Windows 8 on it, judging on the amount of hype given to that device vs. others.


In the video, we get to see features like the front and back camera, more clicking of the Touch Cover (for an extra $100) to the base, and random people accomplishing things. Remember, you can use this anywhere! (as long as there's a good wireless network available). Cue the peppy piano music!

As revealed yesterday, the Surface will start at $499 (without a Touch Cover), and range up in price to $699 (with 4G wireless, etc.) Who's going to buy one?

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