Even the robots know Gangnam Style

A roundup of the geekier Gangnam Style video parodies

I've been trying to avoid writing about the Psy song sensation that is Gangnam Style, but it's taken over the world so much in popular culture that it was only a matter of time before I had to comment on it.


Maybe it was seeing a couple of teen-agers dancing to it when they played the song during a break at the minor-league hockey game I attended over the weekend, or maybe it was this video, in which we see a robot doing the dance along with the song.

In case you've been busy doing work for the last four months or so, here's the original video from Psy, a Korean singer who now has the catchiest song on the planet.

With four months since the original video appeared, the InterWeb has had more than enough time to create parody videos, and I've seen a bunch - everything from Mitt Romney to LeBron James and in-between. But here's the "geekier" ones that have also been circulating:

First up, "Gandalf Style", featuring our favorite Lord of the Rings wizard:

Next up, Deadpool from the Marvel universe:

Here, we get a Doctor Who dance-off (including an appearance by Inspector Spacetime):

In doing research for this post, I discovered two types of parodies - one where people dress up in different costumes and then dance to the song (such as Gandalf and Doctor Who), or other ones where they take movie footage and then just play the soundtrack in the back. For the latter, here's a good one from The Avengers:

OK, back to the "people dressing up and mocking the video" style - this time it's Mario the plumber:

Of course, parody videos wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Star Wars universe:

Even the virtual world is not safe from Gangnam Style: Here we see a bunch of characters in Guild Wars 2 dancing around to the song. The funny part is watching other characters try to disrupt the dance or fighting others while this is going on:

Of course, you have to get the obligatory "Hitler reacts" to whatever else is happening on the Internet, so we get the Hitler/Gangnam Style remix:

That's just the tip of the iceberg, of course. Feel free to just hit YouTube, type in your favorite obsession, add the words "Gangnam Style" and watch away.

Like this one:

Still waiting for the Mama's Family Gangnam Style video. Who wants to help me make one?

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