Stay on top of the Web with read-later services

Between new-product reviews, tutorials for a timesaving trick, posts from your favorite blogs, updates from the sites you have to follow for work, andbecause everyone needs a break, right?the latest YouTube meme, it can be hard to keep up with everything you want to read online. No wonder people clamor for a TiVo for the Web. Enter read-Later services: When you see something important, click a browser button or email the link. Then, at the end or beginning of the day, open the read-later app on the device of your choicetypically a smartphone or a tabletand download all the content you flagged earlier. Now youre set to read on your commute, during a plane trip, or just about anywhere, even if you dont have an Internet connection while you're on the go.

You can choose from a range of features with these services, which include Instapaper, Pocket, Readability,, Evernote Clearly, and Safaris Reading List. Do you simply want to maintain a reading list, or could you use help from friends to find more interesting things to read? Do you want archival access to the items youve read in the past? How about tools for sharing your favorite articles with buddies or adding the stories to the other apps and services you use?

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There are more questions to answer than you might think, so Ill try to help you get started.

How do I add articles to my reading list?

Thats the easy part. After all, none of these services would be very good if creating a list of things to read later were difficult.

Typically you install some sort of browser add-on or bookmarklet and then click a button to add an item. But some servicesnamely, Instapaper, Pocket, and Readabilityalso give you a private email address for adding articles. This feature is especially useful if youre browsing on mobile devices such as Apples iPhone and iPad, which dont support browser add-ons; since you can email article links, you can still add to your reading list.

Many iOS Twitter clients, including the companys official options, the free Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for iPad, let you add your Instapaper, Pocket, or Readability credentials. (Twitters app supports only the first two.) Usually you can find the option in the apps settings. Just add your credentials, tap through to read a link, and then tap an action arrow to send the article for reading later.

Most of the alternative browsers and even newsreaders you can download for iOS and Android, such as Flipboard () and Pulse, also support sending the current article to Instapaper, Pocket, and Readability.

Can I read offline?

All read-later services let you read stories offline, whether youre commuting or traveling, or if you simply dont like using public hotspots.

But the experience varies. Although most of these services strip out all content from webpages to provide a, shall we say, slimmer reading experience, Safaris Reading List is an exception: It downloads an entire copy of the webpage and displays the whole thing for reading, even while you're offline. This approach is presumably a response to content providers concern that, in stripping out other Web content, read-later services also remove adsone of the few (perhaps only) ways most site owners make a living.

Does it work on my device?

Even though this may be the post-PC era, you have probably noticed that PCs are still alive and plentiful. All the read-later services that I mention here noticed as well, so they offer full-featured Web apps that work just fine in a good old-fashioned desktop browser like Apples Safari or Googles Chrome.

But what if you want to plow through your reading list on your smartphone or tablet from the comforts of anywhere but your office desk? Thats where things can get interesting, depending on which device you want to use.

When it comes to the biggest choice of apps and platforms, Evernote, Instapaper, Pocket, and Readability are your best bets. All have clients for Apples iOS and Android. Evernotewhich bills itself as a remember everything servicepulls ahead a little in terms of the sheer number of apps available. Evernote Clearly works with Chrome. The Evernote app works on the iPhone and iPad. You can also find an impressive library of alternative Evernote clients with all sorts of features and purposes at Evernote Trunk. recently released an iPad app. And, of course, Apples Safari Reading List works on all Apple devices.

If youre an Amazon Kindle user, Instapaper and Readability are good options. Both offer ways to get articles onto your Kindle, but Amazon may require a fee for wirelessly delivering such content, so be sure to read the instructions.

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