Charles Barkley is still your IT guy

CDW creates new videos featuring Sir Charles and data center optimization

Last March, CDW created an ad campaign around basketball legend (and TV pitchman) Charles Barkley that ran during the NCAA basketball tournament.


The ads featured Barkley working in a fictitious company's IT department, which was fine because most of the department's work was handled by CDW (get it?). Barkley's true purpose was, of course, to be on the company's after-work basketball league.

The campaign must have been a success, because Barkley is back in a new series of ads for CDW, but this time we're seeing Barkley on the golf course, with a very funny twist. If you know the legend of Barkley and his golf swing, you'll get it (if not, just search for 'Charles Barkley golf swing' on YouTube).

CDW has also posted some additional, shorter commercials. For example, here's one discussing CDW's mobile strategy:

You can watch all of the videos/ads at the CDW YouTube channel. I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of them on TV during sporting events over the next few weeks as well.

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