The Weekly Hash - October 26, 2012

Roasting this week's top tech stories, which include Zynga, Zuckerberg and friction-stir welding

Credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson

Another week, another big Apple event in which we learned that the new iMacs are made via friction-stir welding (whatever that is) and that your six month old 3rd generation iPad is as obsolete as a princess phone.

Let’s commence to making fun of this week’s news...

FarmVille-maker Zynga laid off 100 workers on Tuesday. The good news is each person received a generous severance of farm coins. 

The annual list of most common Internet passwords was released this week and, once again, “password” was the most popular. It’s so bad that even hackers have begun pleading with people to pick more challenging passwords.

A new survey of software engineers’ salaries finds that, among tech companies, Google engineers get paid the most, followed by those at Facebook and Apple. Not surprisingly, Apple tried to copy Google’s compensation package but couldn’t get it right.

On Tuesday, Facebook announced a net loss for the second quarter in a row. As a result, Mark Zuckerberg is no longer buying custom made Italian hoodies. 

Apple reported on Thursday that, despite selling 27 million iPhones and 14 million iPads, its profits were still lower than expected in the last quarter of 2012. Apple’s profits last quarter were $8.2 billion, short of their target of all the money in the whole world.

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