The Weekly Hash - October 26, 2012

Roasting this week's top tech stories, which include Zynga, Zuckerberg and friction-stir welding

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Barnes & Noble has removed PIN pad devices from its stores after determining that the devices had been tampered with. Security experts were shocked; they had no idea that people still went to bookstores.

Facebook reported on Wednesday that it only paid $715 million for Instagram, lower than the $1 billion price that was previously announced. Facebook said the difference was due to a drop in its stock price and the sepia filtering that Instagram put on the contract which made it hard to read.

On Monday Reddit and a number of other web sites went down due to problems with Amazon Web Services. Out of habit, Reddit still blamed Gawker.

This week the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency announced that they’re switching employees from BlackBerries to iPhones. Once the policy takes effect, the old BlackBerries will be deported back to Canada.

Apple’s new line of iMacs, announced this week, are manufactured using friction-stir welding. It’s an industrial joining process for constructing things like NASA rocket boosters, cruise ships and Taco Bell chalupas.

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