Roundup of Hurricane Sandy videos

Bad weather can't keep good videographers down


Not even a hurricane can keep people away from their video cameras, or even from some people doing strange things when the TV cameras are pointing their way.


Here are a bunch of videos that emerged on the InterWebs yesterday during and after the "superstore" known as Sandy:

First up we get the horse-head jogger, who "won the Internets" yesterday by video-bombing a reporter during the storm coverage:

Next up, a video of an explosion at the Con Ed Plant in lower Manhattan. Jump ahead to the 3-minute mark:

Another video from New York City, this video shows a wall on the side of an apartment building being blown off (jump ahead to 0:30):

In this clip from NBC, we see a giant crane dangling from the top of a high-rise:

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A lot of things got canceled as the storm approached - but late-night TV show host Jimmy Fallon still did his show (he sent the audience home) - here's the opening clip from the show:

And then there are reporters - those brave souls who laugh at the face of danger, but who also sometimes face the wrath of the storm they're covering:

Here's hoping that everyone made it through the storm with little or no damage.

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