Watch George Lucas discuss the future of Star Wars movies

Is this the geek blockbuster deal of the century?

There was a great disturbance in the Force today, as if millions of geeks' voices suddenly cried out. But unlike Alderaan, we're not sure yet whether "something terrible has happened" or not concerning the $4.05 billion sale of Lucasfilm to Disney.


As news of the sale spread around the InterWebs, a couple of videos also found their way onto YouTube.

Starting us off, here's a "video" that is basically an audio feed of the conference call with Disney and Lucas in which they discuss the sale:

Next up, the Star Wars YouTube channel offers up this interesting discussion with George Lucas, discussing the future of the Star Wars movies (as part of the deal, Disney will produce three new movies)

I've read a bunch of reactions, both in the comments sections of these videos, as well as in other articles, with fans seemed to be split on whether this is good news or bad news. As a fan of both Disney (I do have three young children) and Star Wars, I feel that both of these companies will do their best to honor their fan bases with whatever content they produce. As one of my friends said to me today, "It's not like Lucas was doing anything stellar with the franchise."

And I don't think that Disney will take this and suddenly make the Star Wars universe cartoonish (although I wouldn't be surprised to see a Mickey Mouse cartoon set in space). My gut feeling is that the cross-promotion between the brands (and the very lucrative merchandising) will be where we see most of the activity, at least initially.

Now Disney just needs to buy Lego and the circle will be complete, at least in terms of my money and my kids' attention.

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