A geeky roundup of Halloween video

We've dealt with hurricanes and George Lucas; now let's eat some candy

It's hard to believe that it's only Wednesday after a week that has already seen us experience a mega-storm in Hurricane Sandy (our office has no power for the third straight day), as well as the earth-shattering news of Disney buying Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion.


Now it's Halloween, and we have to get ready for the mobs of cherubs attacking our doorstep demanding candy (who am I kidding, I go trick-or-treating with my kids and leave the "Take One" bowl out for some lucky kid to grab).

Anyway, here's a roundup of geek-related Halloween videos that I've rounded up over the past few weeks. Enjoy!

First up, an official welcome to Halloween from the folks at Lego:

In terms of costumes, you can't get geekier than this guy, who builds himself a full-size ATST walker from Star Wars. I'm not sure where he's going to put the candy, though. [Via Topless Robot]

Tonight you're probably going to see a lot of kids (older ones) dressed up like zombies. But could a zombie apocalypse actually exist? This video says yes, a viral type of zombie-ism could occur:

For many geeks, watching horror movies is the best part of Halloween - To catch you up on the best movie quotes from horror films, check out this super-cut:

Happy Halloween everyone! Don't eat too much candy!

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