Where to sell your iPad or MacBook for the most money

Sell your now-obsolete iPad or MacBook Pro laptop for the most cash

At today's event, Apple introduced a bunch of new shiny devices, including a 13" MacBook Pro with super-sharp Retina display, a new-and-improved iPad, and the iPad mini. That's great news if you want one of these devices, but not so great if you recently bought the now-obsolete previous generation. (The iPad 3 was launched just six months ago!) Want to trade up or sell an iPad or MacBook Pro? Here's where you should do so to get the most money back.

I looked at five popular places where you can trade in your old devices: Gazelle, NextWorth, Amazon, uSell, and RadioShack.

Amazon's trade-in program offers the most for your old iPad 3 16GB Wi-Fi model (provided it's in excellent condition): $400. The catch is that Amazon "pays" you with an Amazon gift card.

Gazelle and NextWorth both will give you $300 for that iPad, uSell (an aggregator of resale places) found a site where you can sell the iPad for $281.75, and RadioShack will pony up just $241.45.

So Amazon's definitely the way to go if you shop on Amazon, and even if you don't you can take that gift card and resell it for more than $300.

The story is similar when I looked for where to sell a 13-inch MacBook Pro. Although Amazon doesn't have the latest (2012) MacBook Pro listed, for previous models it offers either $625 or $870, depending on the processor. That's still better than the quotes for the latest-generation MacBook Pro with an i5 processor on Gazelle ($542) and NextWorth ($727).

There are times you might want to use a different trade-in program. RadioShack has an advantage if you're lazy or want to get rid of your iPad quickly: You can just walk into a store that participates in the trade-in program and get paid sooner--albeit with much less cash.

In addition to online trades, NextWorth also has in-store trade-ins at Target and J&R. Both stores pay you with a gift card. From now until November 10th, NextWorth is offering a 10% bonus on iPad and iPod trades with the promo code "mini".

Gazelle's biggest benefit is it offers a 30-day offer guarantee, so you can hold onto your device while waiting for the new one to arrive and not worry about the price dropping. They also offer free data wiping.

Of course, you could also sell the device yourself on Craigslist or eBay, but even if you profit a bit more, I'm not sure it's worth the hassle.

Enjoy your shiny new gadget when you get it, or at least the cash/credit from your old devices.

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