Tim Cook: Apple by the numbers

Apple CEO Tim Cook came to Tuesday's media event armed with numbers--a lot of them--to demonstrate his company's continued dominance. The biggest number? In the month since its release, iOS 6 has been downloaded to more than 200 million devices.

"This is phenomenal," Cook said. "This is the fastest software upgrade rate in history, that we're aware of."

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Cook also disclosed other new, mostly eye-popping numbers across the range of Apple's product lineup:

" Apple sold its 100 millionth iPad two weeks ago--just two-and-a-half years after the product launched. "That's unprecedented for a new product in a new category," Cook said. And the tablet seems to be trouncing its competition: The iPad accounts for 90 percent of all tablet-based Internet traffic.

" More than 5 million units of the iPhone 5 have been sold since its recent launch. "It's the fastest-selling iPhone ever," Cook said.

" The latest version iPod nano and iPod touch, he said, have joined the rest of Apple's iPod lineup to sell 3 million units. "Sales are going fantastic," Cook said.

" Meanwhile, users of Apple's Mac and iOS devices have combined to share 125 million documents in the cloud; they've also shared more than 60 million photos using the new shared photo streams service. And iMessage users are now exchanging 28,000 messages per second.

" On the iOS platform, Apple's iBooks application now has 1.5 million books available; more than 400 million books have been downloaded since the app's launch. iBooks textbooks, Cook said, are now used in more than 2,500 classrooms nationwide.

" And the broader App Store now contains 700,000 apps, including 275,000 made specifically for the iPad. Customers have downloaded more than 35 billion apps, and Apple has paid out $6.5 billion to app developers.

" The Mac product line has done pretty well, too. Cook said that for the year ending in June, its sales outgrew the PC market by seven times--the sixth straight year Apple has outperformed the market. The result? Macs are the No. 1 desktop and laptop computers in the United States.

This story, "Tim Cook: Apple by the numbers" was originally published by Macworld.

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