Geek Culture Fall Season Preview

Your guide to the autumn's geekiest distractions

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Sept. 8: Doctor Who Episode "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship." Pretty sure that Matt Smith won't say "We gotta get these (bleeping) dinosaurs off this (bleep) spaceship." But I'll geek out if they do.

Sept. 12: Be near a computer to monitor the live blogs of a rumored iPhone 5 announcement from Apple. (Note: video below is a fake parody, not the actual phone)

Sept. 15: Doctor Who Episode "A Town Called Mercy" - Doctor Who does a Western.

Sept. 18: Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition - this remake of the classic role-playing video game (Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II) will be available for the PC, but more importantly - the iPad, Mac OS X and Android platforms.

Sept. 20: Season premiere of "The Office" and "Parks and Recreation" on NBC features some of the funniest geeks out there, including IT "expert" Andy Dwyer.

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