Geek Culture Fall Season Preview

Your guide to the autumn's geekiest distractions

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Sept. 29: Doctor Who Episode "The Angels Take Manhattan". This is the big one, in which we say goodbye to Amy Pond and Rory Williams (aka Rory Pond), and with the Weeping Angels involved, people have been anticipating a really big tear-jerking episode.

Some time in October (no release date yet other than the month): LEGO Lord of the Rings video game, featuring voices from the Peter Jackson movie series, and all the LEGO video game action you can handle. Control Frodo and make sure the ring doesn't control you.

Also, some time in October, rumors have it that Apple will unleash the iPad mini onto the world, for all of those tablet owners who want something a bit smaller.

Oct. 3: In the comic book world, Avengers Vs. X-men #12 comes out, completing the latest epic arc for Marvel comics, and we see the end of the Phoenix-themed arc. Who lives? Who dies? What's next?

Oct. 9: Fans of the Fable video game series get to experience the latest episode - Fable: The Journey debuts for the Xbox 360 platform. The new wrinkle in this game includes the use of the Kinect accessory to let users throw spells with their own hands.

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