Geek Culture Fall Season Preview

Your guide to the autumn's geekiest distractions

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Oct. 10: In the comic book world, this is what's next. uncanny Avengers #1 debuts, featuring a new team of heroes that features both Avengers and X-men (I guess they settle their disputes by talking it out instead of fighting).

Oct. 10: Debut of the CW TV show "Arrow", but you're not allowed to call him "Green Arrow." But we all know, it's Green Arrow.

Oct. 19: Season premiere of Community, another ultimate pop culture / geek obsession for many.

Oct. 23: Season premiere of Happy Endings - there's not much in terms of geek in this show, but it's one of the funniest shows on TV about a bunch of 20-to-30-something friends living in a big city. No, it's not "Friends".

Oct. 26: Microsoft unleashes Windows 8 upon the world, as well as its new Surface tablet that runs Windows 8. Well, sort of - this will be the RT version, the Windows 8 Pro version with the Intel chip is likely to come out in January 2013. Anyway, we'll see what the world thinks of Windows 8 on this date.

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