10 free essential Twitter tools for power users

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7. Twilert

Twilert is a free web app that sends you regular email updates with tweets containing your brand, product, service or any other keyword. Think of it as Google Alerts for Twitter.

To start, connect your account and enter your email address. Then, select your time zone and enter a search term and frequency into the designated fields. For more robust options, choose the "Advanced Search" option, where you can designate certain users, location and sentiment of the tweet. You can add or remove alerts at any time.

8. Slipstream

If you're often overwhelmed by the volume of tweets in your stream--or are worried about missing something important--browser add-on Slipstream helps you deal with that. Slipstream is available only for Chrome and Safari browsers.

Once you install the add-on, visit Twitter.com. Find a tweet you want to remove, click "Hide," then tweak the settings in the box that pops up. You'll be asked if you want to hide tweets from a specific user or about a certain topic. When you're done adjusting the settings, click "Hide those tweets."

9. Twellow

If you're looking for new followers--or want to be found more easily--Twellow, or the Yellow Book for Twitter, lets you do both.

Twellow is a robust directory of who's who on Twitter. You can search by category, such as "Society & Culture" or "Computers & Technology," or enter in a search term.

You can also choose to be listed in its directory. Twellow will pull your Twitter bio and show how you rank in a number of categories it believes you are knowledgeable about.

10. Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter is a free tool that tracks your Twitter follower stats: from the number of followers you have and how that number has grown over a period of time, to predictions on how many followers you'll have in the future. You can also compare your growth to other's Twitter accounts.

Twitter Counter also offers a paid version, which gives you insights into how many people have mentioned you, how many retweets you've had and more. The premium version ranges from $17/month to $150/month.

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