Assassin's Creed III in real life

Parkour guy leaps over boulders, branches and brush to try and catch a redcoat

Earlier this week the video game Assassin's Creed III came out, with the main setting of the American Revolutionary War. Basically this means that your character gets to kill a lot of British soldiers in the game, and a lot of the advertising around it has focused on this aspect.


A few weeks ago, a local Revolutionary War re-enactment group was putting on a demonstration of colonial battles as part of my town's bicentennial celebrations, and my wife joked, "Wouldn't it be funny if a guy wearing an assassin's cloak suddenly showed up during this re-enactment?" Well, it didn't happen, but that's the idea behind this video, in which we see a "real life" version of stuff that happens in the game. Along with some pretty cool parkour running and jumping.

While most of the flips and jumps wouldn't really help the guy catch the soldier on the horse, it's still pretty entertaining to watch. The team behind the video has also posted a "behind the scenes" video.

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