Intel explains Big Data with cows, cats and monkeys

Grasping the size of Big Data through animal videos

Intel has created a new campaign around Big Data, offering up a Big Data Dashboard to show people how much data they consume, create or otherwise see on a regular basis.


As part of the campaign, the company has produced at least three videos discussing the size of data that human beings are creating or consuming, using Internet staples such as cats, cows and monkeys. Take a look:

First up, discussing the issue with cats (since cats own the Internet):

Next, we have a discussion of the total amount of data we create, courtesy of monkeys (and a "2001: A Space Odyssey" movie reference):

Finally, let's talk about cows. Or sensors on cows. Or something like that. Moo!

At the Big Data Dashboard site, you can see how much data you consume with a sliding calculator that asks how many movies, music and online games you consume in a week - it turns out I'm consuming around 7.2 TB of data per year. That's not as bad as you'd think.

Of course, what people do with that data is what Big Data is all about, and Intel has this site to let customers know about how Intel can help analyze all of it.

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