Learn how to navigate Windows 8 and use touch and gestures (Care of MSDN)

Windows 8 offers new ways to interact with your system. From swiping to tapping, here's guidance from Microsoft on getting around Windows 8.

If you want to use Windows 8, you'll need to learn new ways to get around, at least in the new tablet-optimized/touch-friendly interface. Hidden behind some new interactions (for touch, keyboard, and mouse) are all the controls you need to really use Windows 8 efficiently. Microsoft's Dev Center maps out what those new navigation, commands, and touch patterns are.

The Dev Center articles, as you might imagine, are really intended for Windows app developers, but they still offer handy guidance for the rest of us.

The Touch interaction design page, for example, includes a list of touch interactions under the section "Windows 8 touch language." You'll learn there that pressing and holding will call up a tooltip, swiping from the top or bottom edge will reveal commands for the app you're using, and swiping from any edge brings up system commands and more. (Swipe from the right for the Charms bar with system commands, from the left to cycle through open apps, from the top to the bottom to close and app, and from the top to the left or right to snap the app to one side.)

The Navigation design for Windows Store page lays out how to navigate within an app. Use the header menu to jump to other sections in an app, for example, and look for view, sort, and filter commands in the bottom app bar.

The Windows 8 Dev Center has other design guidance that might be of use to you, showing where Windows 8 app features and controls are likely to be found. You can check the whole series out here: Design guidance for Windows Store Apps

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