The Weekly Hash - November 2, 2012

Making fun of Halloween week’s top tech stories, from Starbucks to Star Wars

110112_microsoft_popup_small.jpgITworld/Phil Johnson
Windows Phone 8 is here! Can you feel the excitement?

It was a scary Halloween week here on the east coast, mostly thanks to Hurricane - sorry, Superstorm - Sandy. Another scary event this week (mainly for nerds): Disney buying Star Wars. Boo!

Let’s try to lighten things up with some comedy...

PayPal announced this week that they’re laying off 325 people as part of a reorganization. All 325 people will be getting a generous severance package - minus PayPal’s 2.9% transaction fee.

Two Dutch banks announced this week that next year they’ll be offering debit cards that will allow users to make a payment by just tapping the card on a terminal. Based on early tests in Amsterdam, the new cards will make it much easier to buy stuff when you’re stoned.

17 Boston-area Starbucks are offering wireless smartphone charging as part of a pilot program. Starbucks says if the pilot is a success they’ll offer the service at all of their stores under a really pretentious name.

China is building a 10-petaflop supercomputer, that will be five times as fast as the U.S.’s new Titan supercomputer. It won’t be done until 2015, but you can preorder one now from Amazon.

Disney this week agreed to purchase Lucasfilm from George Lucas for $4 billion. To close the deal, Lucas agreed to throw in his remaining supply of Purina Wookie Chow.

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