Banned on eBay: spells, curses, Tarot readings, 'intangibles'

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Starting September 1, eBay will prohibit intangibles like work from home information and prayers. Also magic, conjuring, and advice.

Reported in Wired, eBay's 2012 Fall Seller Update will ban selling “intangibles” such as hexings, healing sessions, and blessing services on September 1. An estimated 100,000 product listing will be affected, all classed as metaphysical. The community is upset, and a “Don't ban our psychics on eBay” petition has been started.

Here's the relevant paragraph from the 2012 Fall Seller Update: “The following items are also being added to the prohibited items list: advice; spells; curses; hexing; conjuring; magic; prayers; blessing services; magic potions; healing sessions; work from home businesses & information; wholesale lists, and drop shop lists.” However, tangible items like candles, crystals, and incense used in curses, spells, hexings, and the like can still be sold.

Intangible love

The truth of the matter is this: We’re not trying to convince you. We’re not trying to fool you. Believe or disbelieve as you see fit. The vast majority of us are completely genuine in our beliefs, practices, and services.

MagickandMysticism on

I personally pay eBay and Paypal in excess of 2,000 PER MONTH IN FEES. That means in 4 years I have given eBay close to 100,000 dollars in fees. I know other Meta sellers who pay TWICE what I do a month.

Equality4AllFaiths on


I've been selling similar items to yours since 2007, and have 2100+ 100% positive feedback.

Donna Michele Fernstrom on

You are so deluded that you can't even see why 100% positive feedback is suspect? Let me tell you why. Because anyone possibly sane enough to buy your stuff is as deluded as you are.

opensets on

Looks like you’ll have to go back to killing orcs if you want that Helmet of Dragon Slaying +10.

Dave on

Potshots and Phunnies

I would like to know why eBay has not banned religious stuff like rosary beads (brings good luck to the wearer who chants spells while holding them), bibles (spell books), holy water (protection potion) that's blessed (a spell) by a priest (spell caster), pendants and crosses that are blessed (spell cast on item to protect from evil) etc etc.

a2326805 on

First, I wonder why the psychics didn’t see this coming. Second, why an online petition? Don’t they have hexes and miracles that can solve this? Oh that’s right, it’s BS.

Steve on

Can we still sell our souls here? *ROTFLMFAO*!

Jim Blankenship on

Just give it up muggles!!! It's not gonna work for you anyway.

LHL2500 on

Does this mean Craigslist will be the listing of choice for metaphysical services? Didn't they already ban “adult” intangible services?

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