Avengers assemble for this hy-larious gag reel

Bloopers = funny; bloopers + Avengers = fantastically funny

Don't watch the following video clip if you want to have some surprises when the Avengers DVD (and Blu-ray) comes out on Sept. 25.


But if you can't wait to see all of the actors having fun on the set and making a bunch of bloopers, then click away. Bonus points to the gag reel team for the Jerry Reed song "East Bound and Down" from "Smokey and the Bandit". Also, I guess Marvel/Disney is going after YouTubers who post this, so watch it quickly in case the video gets taken down.

Gag Reel from "Avengers" by Flixgr

UPDATE: OK, that was fast - the original video I embedded got taken down by Disney. Again, you gotta be quick!

It's still up on the i09 science fiction website - look for sites that embed their own videos away from YouTube.

You can try here too, although it's YouTube.

Or just go to Tumblr and do an Avengers tag:

In other awesome news, Marvel says Avengers 2 is set for a 2015 release date, so save your money now so you can give it right back to Marvel and Disney in 3 years.

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