Wikipad, the Android gaming tablet, ships in October

Remember the WikiPad? It's the 10" Android tablet that comes with a detachable gadget that adds physical game controls to the device.

Well now we've got pricing and availability info, and the news is not good. The first bit of bad news (well, this is subjective, but it's bad news to me) is that the first retailer to carry the WikiPad is Gamestop. I don't like giving Gamestop my money because of some of their corporate policies, but that's a whole other blog post. Other retailers should offer the Wikipad a little later in the fall.

The other, less subjective, bad news is the price: $499. That seems way too high to me. Granted this is a fully featured Android tablet with decent specs: a 10.1", 1280×800 IPS screen and a quad-core Tegra 3 T30 running at 1.4 Ghz. It has 1 GB of RAM and comes in 16 & 32 GB storage configurations (I'm assuming $499 is for the 16 GB version) and it does have a MicroSD slot for more storage space. When detached from the controller the tablet is just 8.6 mm thick.

The WikiPad will have Google Play integration and will be Playstation Certified by Sony. Eventually it should have cloud gaming support via Gaikai as well. There is vague talk of Gamestop negotiating with publishers to bring 'full length games' to the device but I wouldn't count on those until you see something more concrete.

If the $499 price hasn't scared you off (it sure scared me off), then head to Gamestop to pre-order your WikiPad today. It ships on October 31st.

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