Steve Ballmer predicts 400 million Windows 8 phones, devices next year

Steve Ballmer
Credit: Masaru Kamikura

Speaking at Nokia's launch of their Windows 8-powered Lumia 820 and 920, Steve Ballmer gets numeric with prediction.

Trying to entice app developers, Ballmer says there should be relatively few Surface tablets in that count, but writing for Windows 8 phones means writing for Windows 8 tablets. This prediction must be considered in light of the 375 million Windows PCs to be sold next year, reports The Register.

Other devices Ballmer expects to help reach his 400 million goal are the Samsung ATIV S phone and unnamed models from HTC, says Venture Beat. “We bring a developer platform and a store that’s common to both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8,” said Ballmer.

Big numbers for non-shipping devices

I've got a lot of hard core phone enthusiast friends (both Apple and Android) and not a single one would even consider changing to a W8 Phone.

Krojack76 on

The guys an idiot. I'm all for leaders hyping their products, but there is hyping then there is just plucking numbers from the air

Larry Crapbeans on

Vaporware. Pretty lame attempt at best. May not ship till next year. iPhone 5 available Sep 21st with new IOS 6.

iPhones rule on

I had to put on my dark sunglasses just so I could be able to glance at the photos of those hideous phones. What gaudy, ugly playskool phones.

kathy on

Ballmer made a funny

400,000,000? yea right. a smiley because ballmer makes me smile when he talks crap.

the-it-slayer on

Its just PR drivel. Actually, its worse for MS. By setting up the expectation that tablet, phone and desktop are all the same, they are setting up both devs and customers for a massive disappointment.

P. Lee on

Steve Ballmer makes me laugh!! May Steve Ballmer remain CEO as long as it takes! (to run Microsoft into the ground)

Todd on

Windows 8 for the win

Windows 8 could be the missing ecosystem which Microsoft was missing for long.

Nitin Narang on

Microsofts numbers have been fantastic of late. They have for the first time in a very long time got a very decent and clearly matching and consistent looking portfoilio from Xbox, Phone and PC.

hugh wanger on

Tells us: is Ballmer A) right on, or B) crazy?

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