Angry Birds has jumped the shark

Cute mobile game now suffers from over-exposure

For most people, Angry Birds is a nice distraction - something that can speed up the time in the doctor's waiting room, or something you can give to your kid when they are whining "Are we there yet?" while on a drive to grandma's house.


And yes, developer Rovio has done a good job at marketing this game - this 99-cent game has become a mega-million dollar enterprise, with more money being made on sales of T-shirts, plush animals and other merchandising than from the actual game. I'm surprised we haven't seen a Saturday morning cartoon or a one-hit-wonder pop song (like we did with Pac-man in the '80s), but maybe that's coming soon, too.

The "Fonzie jumping the shark" moment for me was today's release of this trailer, in which the Angry Birds crew is teaming up with the Philadelphia Eagles - that's right, the NFL franchise. Here's the preview:

I should have suspected something last week after Rovio announced the "Angry Birds Friends featuring Green Day" app or level or something like that - seriously, this was the band that created "American Idiot", and they're now teaming up with a bunch of cartoon flying birds.

I wasn't as annoyed when we got Angry Birds Space, because at least that game featured gravitational physics gameplay moments that might get kids interested in space and science. But these two latest moves by the marketing team just baffle me. In my opinion, this is it for the Angry Birds franchise - they're officially over-exposed.

Don't be surprised if we get some bonus levels where some of the Angry Birds actually have to jump a shark in order to get at the pigs - via a Happy Days retro team-up.

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