Moleskin Evernote Smart Notebook bridges physical to virtual

Credit: flickr/Koka Sexton

Evernote iOS camera app works with special Moleskin paper and stick-on Smart Stickers to capture and load pages into Evernote.

Evernote CEO Phil Libin says in TechCrunch he's ending the “age-old rivalry” with pen-and-paper. Since he admits even he still takes notes on paper, he started working with Moleskin to help bridge the gap. Now, notes taken on the Moleskin Smart Notebook ($24.95 for a pocket notebook, $29.95 for a large notebook), can be quickly uploaded to Evernote.

The pages use special dotted paper, rather than continuous lines, to help de-skew the image taken by your iOS device (no word yet about an Android version). A fancy cover marks the Smart Notebook from other Moleskin products. Notebooks can be pre-ordered now, and the app is ready for download.

Way cool

Just wanted to say I’m really excited about this and like the new update. A lot.

Zac on

Just bought, order #263. Pretty brisk sales considering it's a pre-order.

lanstein on

As a steadfast notebook user and Evernote lover, hard to reconcile the two. This makes me so happy!

Leslie Hitchcock on

I think this is really quite neat. I used to be a heavy user of Evernote, but I found it difficult to reconcile my handwritten notes (90% of my notes at work) with what I'd have in Evernote.

king_magic on


Android or it didn’t happen

Tom on

So first I was like aww yeah this is awesome, then I saw that it’s IOS only and I was like this sucks! Where’s the Android love?!

Drew on

Not sure

I already use the Evernote app and Moleskine notebooks, but I’m not sure whether combining the two would work for me.

Jeff Porter on

On the one hand, this sounds pretty neat and fascinating. And on the other... those prices are a bit absurd, right? That's about double the cost of the "standard" moleskins in similar sizes.

Robert Svihla on

This is the world crying out for a fast e-ink small form-factor tablet that just saves everything as digital ink.

stcredzero on

Have you just tried taking a photo of handwritten notes to see if it worked? Did it?

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