Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G: live TV and a high price

Even with the ability to play live TV, the Lightray's year-old specs make justifying its high price tag difficult.

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The 8-megapixel camera on the Lightray works best when taking photos in well-lit environments, and it should suffice for your everyday needs. Photos that I took in darker spaces came out significantly grainy, so this probably isn't the right phone if you frequently take pictures while you're at a bar or any other dimly lit social hangout. The front-facing camera works well for video calls, but you probably won't want to use it to take pictures because of its poor quality.

The Lightray can record video in 720p, but the quality isn't anything to write home about. You'll still notice the occasional jelly effect when you move the phone around while recording, though in my tests the phone's microphone seemed well suited for picking up voices. It'll do for a Facebook or YouTube video, but you probably wont want to use it to film your feature-length opus.

Bottom Line

The Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G is essentially the Droid Charge with just one or two new features and a much higher price tag. The phone's ability to play live TV is nice, but I'm having a hard time recommending the Lightray when you can get the unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus for considerably less. If you're set on buying a smartphone on MetroPCS, look into the LG Connect 4G: Although it does come with a bit of bloatware, at least it has LTE and more-modern specs.

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