Leaked 'Genius Training' Apple manual: sales training or brainwashing?

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Banned words (bomb, crash, hang), empathy exercises, and tips on guiding sales conversations generate outrage and shrugs.

Kudos to Gizmodo and their exclusive “How To Be a Genius: This Is Apple’s Secret Employee Training Manual” article based on a leaked Genius Training Student Workbook. A rare look inside the Apple Genius progam, and training methods, strikes the author the wrong way in many cases. “Everyone in the Apple Store is in the business of selling.”

But the focus is on keeping the customer happy (they buy more when satisfied) and soft sales. Monitor body language. Demonstrate empathy. Don't say “crash” say “stops responding.” While some feel the manual goes overboard, others say this level of instruction is par for every sales training course.


This is the kind of stuff you learn in any customer service course. I can't see what's so GENIUS about it. Arrogant pricks!!

dimo09 on businessinsider.com

Apple sound more like a cult every time I read about them. And that's coming from someone who works for a company which sounds like it has gorged itself stupid on marketing drivel and motivational speaking.

Anonymous Coward on theregister.co.uk

Yep this sounds like the typical corp made bullshit training manuals pretty much every service industry job uses. I swear these things are written by suits who live in the land of make believe

Befitzero on gizmodo.com

Other training

The whitewashing of terms is actually a pretty common occurrence. I worked for HP for a while and we do not have bugs. There are no bugs, there are no defects, instead there are observations and issues.

janson0 on gizmodo.com

Do you honestly think the people that fawn all over you at those high-end boutiques really care about you when they go home at night? Of course not. But at least while you're there, they treat you like an honored guest. No different here.

Roger on businessinsider.com

If you think Apple is bad now... you should really look at IBM during the 60's.

Ian Michael Gumby on theregister.co.uk

Good for Apple

In my personal experience I can tell you I would rather work for a company that cares about their customers experiences with their Customer Service/Sales/Support staff than say a company like Comcast

coolscreennamepending on gizmodo.com

It should be noted that in a survey of their member's, the UK's Consumer Association 'Which?' found Apple Stores to be highest rated in terms of customer experience

Dave 126 on theregister.co.uk

one thing I've noticed is apple staff will approach and immediately engage in conversation about a product you are looking at. Far more likely to gain a positive response on my part than every other store where some numpty just goes "can I help?

Anonymous Coward on theregister.co.uk

Have you been through sales training? If so, would your tech coworkers consider the information brainwashing?

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